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Research and Insight

Canopy commissioned Altheo Insight to conduct expert interviews across the industry with clients, agencies and media owners on the role that print inserts have with readers in a continually changing media landscape.

"Proven Print: Reassurance in a Digital World" established the enduring and innovative role that print media plays alongside other media in a world of digital fragmentation and mistrust online.


Stage 1: Expert Interviews

6x one hour conversations with industry experts:

  • Nick Hewat - GNM
  • Sam Finlay – Time Inc.UK
  • CJ – All Response Media
  • Richard Tudor – John Ayling & Associates
  • Arun Mundle – Easylife Group
  • Sophie McMurray – Mahabis


Stage 2: National Survey (Feb 14th - Feb 17th 2018)

Nationally representative sample of 1600 UK adults aged 18-64 who, in the last month, read a printed magazine and newspaper

Key Takeouts

Altheo identified the powerful and responsive role that print inserts play for clients, agencies and media owners alongside other media in a world of digital fragmentation. These findings were then reinforced by insight from over 1600 UK adults, proving that the medium of inserts is:

INFLUENTIAL - 37% of respondents have used an insert to make an unplanned purchase

RETAINED - 68% of respondents keep inserts for more than 1 day

RELEVANT - 47% of respondents say printed inserts stand out more than standard adverts

ENGAGING - 63% of respondents strongly agree inserts are innovative


Please contact jenna.walcott@canopymedia.co.uk or leave a message below:

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