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Marketing at its best draws on human emotion to connect a brand to a customer. If you engage the human senses, it has the ability to enhance your brand even more. Paper has the unique ability to engage all 5 human senses.

Touching is Believing investigates the power of touch and why touch matters to advertisers and brands in an increasingly virtual world:

Spontaneous ad awareness increases by 33%, perceptions that the brand is high quality go up by 16%, and willingness to try the brand is 25% higher

Touching print ads increases belief that the brand is honest and sincere by 41%, quality perceptions by 20% and purchase intent by 24%

*Touching is Believing Newsworks, UCL and PHD research


If you’re thinking smell – think scented paper.
If you’re thinking hear – think singing birthday cards. If you’re thinking taste – think peel-back tip-on to reveal a sample of chocolate.

The PrintWorks collection highlights some of the incredible opportunities open to advertisers using paper. You could run them loose, bind them in, tip them on, cover wrap a title, or use them as an OBC.

Whether you’re looking for an A5 single sheet or engaging creative solution, we specialise in all print solutions and would love the opportunity to chat more. We can manage the whole process from start to finish.

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A new opportunity for us to plan inserts based on specific audiences

Proven: inserts are influential, retained, relevant and engaging

Canopy prides ourselves on delivering ‘pain free revenue’ to our media partners.

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