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Benefits Of PBR

10 Step Process

  1. Strict mutual NDA’s agreed.
  2. Advertiser to supply (any available) historic response data.
  3. Canopy propose a media plan. Cost for media & print are combined and are at cost.
  4. Revenue share mechanics agreed. Terms to be mutually beneficial.
  5. Advertiser sign off media plan, provide artwork and payment for cost-price plan.
  6. Canopy fulfil the campaign. Print, delivery & distribution.
  7. Response & sales data fed directly into CANalytics. (Online response portal accessible by all).
  8. Canopy invoice revenue generated by sales at pre-agreed level.
  9. Campaigns often scale quickly once model is proven
  10. Overall objective - Continually deliver customers at an acceptable CPA month after month.

Advertiser Checklist

  1. Can provide a dedicated landing web page
  2. Can feature unique promo codes in inserts
  3. Record telephone enquiries as well as online response data. (where applicable)
  4. Direct feed of all response data into CANalytics

We’re looking for enterprising businesses
like yours who want to drive a better ROI on their advertising spend