Power of More

The Challenge

Working across a variety of media inventory we were keen to show our partners how being able to provide more inventory to a buyer at any one time results in an increased spend level.

The Solution

We analysed data over a 24 month period across agency and advertiser spend levels. We were looking for trends across advertisers moving into new media areas with the same title as a result of success in the heritage area. And we were looking at how many new clients we took from agencies due to the fact that we were highly engaged with them cross piece.

The Results

We have managed to increase our advertiser base over the last year by 13% with digital seeing strongest growth of Direct IO’s 17%. Our top 20 agency spend is up by 4% in the last 12 months meaning that once we are in front of our buyers it gives us the opportunity to sell more! Above all else this meant we consistently achieve our budgeted numbers for our partners across the years.

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Growth in our advertiser base

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