Campaign Management

We specialise in all print solutions, here are our Top 10 tips.

1. Send a sample
Just a dummy of size and weight. It doesn’t have to include the creative.

2. Include a trackable response mechanism
Phone number ideally. Web links can often be too difficult to track.

3. Use the maximum pagination & dimensions
Use the maximum pagination & dimensions

4. Package correctly
Shrink wrapped, boxed, and no falling over in the lorry. This causes delays in transport, and printers will wait for no-one

5. Deliver on time and to specification
Changes affect postage costs and transport. Anything out of specification will be refused in the magazine, and you will be liable if the insert is different to what was booked.

6. Overs: Print runs fluctuate
Which means every now and then we’ll have some overs. We try to keep a tight reign on this, and always insert them at the next possible opportunity.

7. Is there a time sensitive offer?
We might need to run items a week later if we have overs.

8. Get a quote from Canopy
We work with some of the biggest printers in the country, and so can often beat your own print quotes. No harm in asking is there?

9. Regional Breakdowns
Most of our titles can be targeted into certain regions of the country allowing part runs or tests before you try a full run.

10. Be aware of all logistics
Printing, delivering and moving thousands of inserts is not easy. Make sure you allow enough time to print them and transport them to the correct print site.and you will be liable if the insert is different to what was booked.

Call our Print Management Team on 0207 611 8168 or email

A new opportunity for us to plan inserts based on specific audiences

Proven: inserts are influential, retained, relevant and engaging

Canopy prides ourselves on delivering ‘pain free revenue’ to our media partners.

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